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Time Cycles - Next due

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Everyone wants to know whether it's possible to TIME the markets

MY research tells me that TIME of the USA markets is patterned too - Since 1792 when the DOW Index was formed a certain sequence has repeated (every market is but they have their own cycle that they are sync'd with - the amount of work involved in doing 1 market is enormous, so I'll just focus on the worlds most liquid speculative markets NASDAQ100 Index and the SP500 Index)

The Information benefits everyone in the market, from Traders like myself to long term buy and hold Investors who want to hold at the optimum time and get out of the market at other times

The reason you don't hear about this is because it would absolutely wreck the the fund management Industry, so [they know about it!] you never hear about it or see it published

One thing to remember - We're viewing price on a 2 Dimensional platform - Price does not work 1D or 2D for that matter - so sometimes a date will have minimal movement 

In the chart directly below - from 2009 It is clear to see that price moved "away" from our line of viewing, then in 2018 it started to come towards us (this is why you get the lower swing lows)

Anyway there's a HUGE amount of basic high school maths and science in the markets if you delve for those interested

Since 2012 when I started applying TIME to charts the cycles have had a 100% hit rate - Yes we are making PREDICITONS here

These Internal cycles "behave" differently according to what the "overall" dominate cycle is - This dominate cycle DOES move in a UP/DOWN sequence 

Feb 2021 - Turquoise cycle = This cycle simply repeats - for clarity I've projected it from 2016, but you can project this cycle from 12th Dec 1914 and it will still give the same dates! It landed smack bang on the March 2009 low too - Next repeat is in a few months time - this cycle is an absolute staple for market turns of a decent degree and it typically is accurate within a week of the cycle date, OFTEN to the DAY

 June 2021 - Brown cycle =  This is a harmonic of the major cycle at force in the markets, sometimes it catches good turns, other times not so - all depends on how square on our field of view is to price at the time

As you can see 2012 price was moving away from our field of view, but in 2007 price was heading towards us!

This is likely to completely contradict everything you've been told about the markets - Just keep an open mind - at first back in 2010 I didn't believe it, but when you see enough evidence that outweighs mere coincidence you have to take notice

You cannot trade these blindly wither, you need other conforming evidence for trade direction - as there is NOT a high/low sequence - sometimes a turn will be a high others a low - generally speaking a falling market into a date gives high probability of a LOW and a rising market of a HIGH - but its NOT guaranteed

I basically look for an big increase in VOLATILITY around the date of the cycle

The KEY is KNOWING of the possible turn date as very few people in the world will have a clue


In the chart above - the PINK cycle is fairly unique - BUT the main thing is the 2nd occurrence of this cycle in the dominate UP cycle the 2nd occurrence - the LAST time the 2nd occurrence of this PINK cycle appeared/hit/arrived was the top of 1987! You can't see the dates further than 2021 on the chart above but that 2nd occurrence arrives during 2023 - I'm not saying we'll have a 1987 type event but it will be a time to be very cautious around, more on that in the lead up to the date

Permission is NOT granted to copy or use this post elsewhere, especially for reselling

Safe Trading





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