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FX Trading Hours of Specific Currencies such as RUB/JPY

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I'd like to find out the FX trading hours of specific currencies such as "RUB/JPY Mini" & "EMFX INR/JPY Mini".

I can see that "USD/HKD Mini" market is open as of 8am AEDT, but the above 2 are still not open at 11:17am AEDT.

How does the trading hours work and how can I find out the trading hours of some FX currencies? Thanks. 😃

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IG's Helpdesk gave me the link below.


It doesn't have RUB/JPY & INR/JPY, but it has the following. So, I suppose RUB/JPY trading hours are the same us USD/RUB & INR/JPY as GBP/INR....

USD/RUB: 17.00-04.00
GBP/INR: 13.30-07.00

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