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Manual vs Instant currency conversion


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I hold cash in GBP but as deal US ETFs , I was using instant currency conversion.

In one of my recent trade it came to my notice that though there was a $36 profit on the trade , my account had a £67 loss.

On enquiring realised it was due to conversion rate which during sell was not in my favour and so incurred a loss.

Given that I will always deal in Dollars, also considering there is a $15 charge per trade as minimum ( 2 cents per share but my share quantity at this stage will not go over that 15) 

Q1. Has anyone here noticed that they are at a profit by doing manual conversion and staying in dollars?

Q2. If my cash stays in dollars and I trade in dollars, will I get rid of the 0.5% Fx conversion fee? 

Kind regards 


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