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What are the holding costs for bitcoin daily and over the weekend if i were to do a long and a short trade?

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On 03/12/2020 at 12:58, kagry said:

This seems to be very expensive and not worth using IG platform for crypto long?  or am I missing something? 

If you are looking to invest over the longer term, I would advise just buying the physical.  All platforms that offer bitcoin coin derivatives (be they be CFDs, futures and spreadbets) all seem to charge holding costs at exorbitant rates.  At least IG pay you for holding short positions, typically 12.5% (its lower for bitcoin) on nominal value.  In fact I'm looking at buying physical ether and completely hedging on IG to eliminate price risk and just earn the 12.5% the short leg.

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The UK initially trades as an independent trading country. Wow, I'd love to see this in action as I expect more. Maybe it will be a breakthrough even in trading. If there is any information please let me know in detail. In addition, they are likely to need leveraged trading to implement this idea. In my time, this opportunity cannot be arranged, and now no one thinks about the independent trade of the nation. Maybe if the whole world was involved in these trades, we would make a breakthrough in the quality of trade and move to a new level. Development was happening everywhere, so why can't we get it?


leverage trading

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