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Scratched my 11051 and closed 11055 for small loss being in trade since 1000 took 20pip hit before scratching i dont support price action and lots of counter plays will come into play as we approach evening. though my overall longs are sitting nicely at 11042 aiming for a runner

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Lowest volatility since 2014 but higher volume. Institutions still see this as an opportunity to 'buy low', at least until some future major event risk. The Fed embarking on their minuscule and stuttering round of rate rises clearly not enough for a break down and EU econ and pol not good enough to spark a rally.

EURUSD monthly chart.





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Thanks for the continued interesting posts !


As you mentioned an interest in FX trading    - any thoughts on how this market will start to pick up?


Discussion open to all of course!  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.



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