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Custody fee query on share dealing account



Hi, I recently joined IG and opened a share dealing account. I have a question about custody fees. Do I need to do 3 or more trades for each of UK and US markets in order to avoid the custody fee on that account?

I don't think of myself as an active investor so does that mean I would probably be paying 96 pounds per year (24 per quarter) just to hold the current shares?



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I too am confused about this.

From the annual costs and charges Statement I copied the following:

"A fee charged if you hold investments on a share dealing
account or ISA at the end of a quarter, and have traded
fewer than three times in that quarter. The fee does not
apply if you only hold cash on your account, and any
commission you pay reduces the fee by the relevant

From this it seems that if you have traded three times irrespective of whether it is in US or UK markets you should not be charged but I'd call IG just to be sure.

From where did you find the £96 fee charge?

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