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Could you trade successfully without candle stick charts?

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You just have to look at ladder L2 tickers. There are many traders using just that, without any charts or indicators at all. Also bloomberg terminals with a flashing price showing just red or green colours.

A line-based chart would be too much for them. 

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9 hours ago, u0362565 said:

Is the point that a line or candle or whatever still allows you to see the overall patterns that are there? Or am I missing a bigger picture.

It all depends on how you trade - If you trade candlestick patterns then you need candle sticks shown, if you trade other formations then you need whatever displays those formations best


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Yeah I think I've developed tunnel vision when it comes to candlesticks and concentrating on what has happened in the last few units of whatever time frame and I'm not seeing other patterns that aren't trends. I read that markets only trend 30% of the time so you either need to hunt the markets for them or wait it out but struggling with patience as well.

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