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definitely not overbought then...

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Bulls can be "bull headed". When whipped up into a frenzy (vaccine and stimulus) they can charge forward seeing nothing infront of them, just a will to move forward with the herd, to pasture green and new (and more valuable). 

It is understandable. Covid soon to become a bad memory, Stimulus will oil the vast economic behemoth that is the US economy and all will move forward. Dividends will return to pre pandemic levels. We will all buy a Tesla.  The Fed will continue to buy bonds and feed the economy with ultra loose economic policy.  Unemployment will ease to manageable levels. Trump will concede and the Senate will remain in Republican hands, thereby ensuring no reversing of tax breaks.

No downside then? Surely not overbought? If anything under valued? 

So why the devaluation of the USD$? The ATH of all the indices will only be dwarfed by new greater all time highs. Won't they? Things really are fantastic and will only improve. 

Can only improve.

Ok, so maybe this winter will be a bit tough and the mythical virus may well take more lives and fill to capacity more hospitals. Ok, so the vaccine roll out will take 6 months longer than anticipated and take up may be less than the required 66%. Maybe there are lots of people still unemployed that were employed and contributing to the economy this time last year. And there surely isn't any sign of inflation to upset all of that ultra loose economic policy as commodity prices are rock steady. And the markets are absolutely not overbought again, as retail investors commit ever larger sums of their 401k's into equity markets. No risk there then. Plus the debts from 2020 do not have to be repaid any time soon, or ever, just roll them over with these sweet miniscule interest rates. The property market can only go one way as history shows.

I think my rose tinted glasses have been surgically implanted on my face. Gosh am I on trend? Oh no not again.

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