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Buy shares for long term investment

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17 hours ago, navavayasTrading said:


I am planning to buy shares for long term investment. I am not interested in trading daily weekly or monthly even for that matter.

Am I at the right place? Or I need to look into other options?




If you're looking to buy shares on the share dealing or ISA account here are the charges you need to know. We would love for you to join our IG traders but it's best you have the right provider for your trading.

Custody fee £24 a quarter. If in those 3 months you trade 2 times you do not have to pay this charge. Say you traded twice and the commission was £20, the custody fee would be (£24-£10) £4. 

You can also find a break down of commission fees and other fees by following this link: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees

All the best and I hope this helps. 

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