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Unable to trade on demo account


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Hi there,

I've recently setup a demo account on IG in order to test the platform and learn a bit about investing.  However I am having a problem, in as much as when I follow the "How To"  guide in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard and hit "Place Deal", I get a red notification box telling me that I need to verify my nationality by "clicking the banner" or "visiting My IG".

There is no visible banner on the page nor are there any options in the My IG section outside of the usual marketing preferences/password change.  I am using latest Google Chrome with a couple of privacy tools such as Ghostery and uBlock Origin which may or may not be interfering with the operation of the software and I would rather not disable them if possible.

So my questions are:

1.  Do I need to verify my nationality for a demo account or is this a bug?

2.  Is it possible to use the platform with the general/normal adblockers and cookie monitors on?

Kind Regards,


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