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2021 Forecast anyone?

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Hi guys, 

              It's forecast and yearly strategy time. Well I'm a tad late really.  What does 2021 hold regarding finance, commodities and indices? 

Personal strategy for 2021 is obviously to not lose money, where possible.  Being predominantly an Oil and gasoline trader, I shall start with that. Global stocks and supplies are just about balanced as of now with slight imbalance in US as Covid effects continue to stall demand in key states. However, OPEC+ seem to have their communal act together and are actually acting in unison regarding supply. Naturally, this has increased the price, as intended. Price of Brent crude expected to rise from current level $51.00 to a minimum of $60-$65 by the end of 2021. Price will rise by at least 17% as airlines return to a semblance of normal. A further rise will be caused by USD depreciation and increased demand fed by a gradual return to normal road use, also expect some supply disruption as threats of war or political upheaval threaten the supply chain. All this should lead to an increase of 20-25% over the course of 2021. I expect the price of Gasoline to increase in line with Brent., currently 13850 and expect to see 16500+ by the end of 2021.

The Dow. The Dow will continue to be overvalued and even increase by a factor of perhaps 10%. I expect the relative calm of a Biden presidency will be balm and stimulus enough to the markets long used to having to check the Donuts manic twitter (nutter) feed before going to work. I expect a Republican majority of ONE in the senate which will serve as counter-balance to the urges of Democratic fiscal excess. Markets will like this. I expect the Dow to rise to 31500- 32500 maybe higher, before a significant retracement sometime after the summer. 


FTSE. This year has been a total **** storm for the FTSE 100. Even the trade deal has only served the auto industry and not the Financial Services industries (the golden goose and net £85 billion contribution to the treasury p.a). I expect there to be a satisfactory deal in the end re Financial Services, though with caveats, as the EU is not wild keen on the UK becoming a vast washing machine for tax avoiding EU residents. (The very thought, how dare they even imply....) However, the FTSE IS undervalued. I would expect to see the FTSE rise from current levels 6650 to 7350 possibly even higher.  The UK economy will return to some sense of normalcy and with it a rebound in confidence and spending, including in travel and leisure.  Trade deals with the USA may be problematic as more folk become aware of the full implications of leaving the EU's common agricultural policy, as US farmers may insist on full access to UK market as precondition to US doing a deal on Financial and digital services, for example, in a classic " pork for pork" exchange which tends to  especially please incumbent US politicians. Also, sooner or later Google, Facebook and co are going to HAVE to pay their FAIR share of tax to the Uk economy from which they derive so much taxless profit. Could also prove tricky in  trade negotiations.

As a result of the considerable in flows of capital into the Uk markets I expect the £ to continue to appreciate from multi year lows. The Cable will reset in Sterlings favour.  I also expect the BoE to take first mover advantage and raise interest rates by upto 1%. This will also be beneficial to Sterling and may even boost GDP...I expect Sterling to break the $1.44 , retrench and explode past 1.55 post US negotiations and a deal, even if that is unlikely within the 2021 time-frame. I don't see Sterling devaluing much against USD in 2021.

Finally, on the subject of dwarf giants. The price of Zoom and Tesla has astonished many folk in 2020. In doubt is the actual value in the price, the dividend and the whole question of value. Tesla's price suggests it will be the dominant manufacturer of EV's in the world, with no significant competition worth the name. I would suggest that overstates Teslas position. True enough it is profitable, thanks mainly to the grants it receives for making eco friendly vehicles. But it is also vulnerable. It is possible that traditional manufacturers may end up dumping perfectly reliable reasonably priced cars on the market at a time when Teslas are still comparatively expensive. At least 10 years before gasoline vehicles will be no longer available, 15 for hybrids. That's a lot of competition and enough time for several able competitors to rise, consolidate and take on Tesla at its own game.  Making Teslas  stratospheric p/e as outrageous and unjustified as it appears. It's a possibility. Zoom has millions of users but not enough revenue. It also has competition in the form of Google, Microsoft Teams, Slack, even Facebook. It was Zooms lucky year, not sure it will maintain value or users when comparative new normal returns. Both stocks am liable to short, at my peril, at various points in the year.

Wishing all good health and handsome profits for 2021. Happy New year!







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Happy New Year and all the best for 2021

I don't do short-term forecasts as the methods I use will work just fine regardless of what direction the market actually go in

I do do long term forecasts though!

The general market officially turned Inflationary end of 2016 (according to how I view things) for its 16-19 yr cycle, that will drag virtually every asset class upwards with it

Funny enough I've never ever traded oil/gas

I'll have to dig out the prediction I made about the dow/sp500 5 or so years back  - but very simply the 16-19 yr cycle during its UP phase (which commenced Nov 4th 2016) on average gains approx (from memory) 1500% simple growth (ex divis) - I see no reason why this growth phase won't repeat 1000%+ as well

Interesting about Interest Rates in the UK - again that cycle is ending and the next one starting so I'd envisage inflationary Int rates going forward

People say "Can't believe how long Interest Rates have been low for" - I can the last time this cycle hit was in 1930-1951 which was 21 years of depressed Int rates - I think the events they blamed were the 1929 crash and world war 2 - but BOTH events were a consequence of the underlying cycles!


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  • 2 weeks later...

By total fluke I have just come across this:

which has a follow up second part:

I would be interested to know people's opinions on this.

Thanks for the feedback

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On 16/01/2021 at 15:16, goldenbrown said:

By total fluke I have just come across this:

which has a follow up second part:

I would be interested to know people's opinions on this.

Thanks for the feedback

I'll try to be concise:

Dent was in 2010 calling for the mother of all stock market crashes - so were Elliott Wave International in fact EWI have been call for a massive collapse since 1986! 

Some of what he says is accurate - deflation for example - the reason QE has not caused inflation is because it was issued in a deflationary cycle

The crash he talks about won't happen - I listened to dent and EWI back in 2010 and I choose to do my own research as other things i was investigating suggested the opposite to what they were both spouting

Read my Time Cycles page, it explains the deflationary/inflationary cycles - proven with 220+ years of stock market history behind the reasoning

The deflationary cycle he refers to ended late 2016, its now inflationary according to my calcs and research and my prediction is stock market is going upwards until the mid 2030's when it will crash and top out - yet Dent still thinks its in play

Up until then we might get a 1987 style crash event but overall the corrections will be modest not massive and they will all be quickly surpassed

I don't listen to anyone out there - I trade independently according to my methods so I don't need to be buying and holding and if I'm wrong so be it - it won't affect my trading as the market dictates my positions, not my expectations - since 2010 this has work exceptionally well, where if I'd of followed EWI and Dents forecasts I'd of lost everything in 2010!

I've no thoughts on Gold other than it is inflationary hedge - as mentioned on another thread when the stock market is inflationary (which I think started 2017) then price correlation backwards to last time it was inflationary (1982-2000) gold was subdued



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    • @CharlotteIG This is not frustration Charlotte, this is absolute anger, rage and fury; I have affected positions that are currently trading at a loss which could easily be in profit in a timescale acceptable to me - in the meantime I pay the associated costs, Saga being a prime example, yet IG are forcing me to take £000's of cash loss through no fault; IG have accepted a commercial contract on which they are now reneging at my significant cost
    • Maybe IG have decided that with such exceptional demand, they don't need to worry about long term clients.  The exceptional mob will not be around for the long haul.  As a result of what IG have done, long term clients may not be around for the long haul either.
    • Charlotte, we keep seeing the message that's it's small caps that have been withdrawn. It isn't.  For example, Hikma has a market cap of £5.2bn and is in the FTSE100. How do we know which other companies IG might decide to do the same to? We are also told that it's due to exceptional client demand. In that case, limit new opening positions (buy and sell). Why should we long-term clients suffer due to this?
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