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Spread bet demo price subscription error


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I am using the IG web API within a python script(trading-ig) to subscribe to prices on my DEMO spread-bet account. Login, connection and session initialisation is working perfectly fine. Subscribing to the account balance is also working perfectly fine, see console logs below. However, subscribing to epic: "CS.D.GBPUSD.TODAY.IP" for fields "BID" and "OFFER" is failing on both my LIVE and DEMO accounts, please see attached screen shot showing this subscription working on the Streaming-API companion and the console logs for the failure via the API library.
Attached: Screen shot of epic subscription success using the streaming api companion
Logs Below: Login, Connection and session initialisation success, price subscription failure and account subscription success

[2020-12-31 15:29:44,655:20:handle_post_payload:226] Starting IGLS connection
[2020-12-31 15:29:44,655:30:handle_post_payload:228] INFO: Lightstreamer Server connection mode: DEMO
[2020-12-31 15:29:44,655:30:handle_post_payload:240] INFO: Service created
[2020-12-31 15:29:44,655:30:handle_post_payload:241] INFO: Lightstreamer Server: https://demo-api.ig.com/gateway/deal: connection mode: DEMO
[2020-12-31 15:29:44,655:30:handle_post_payload:244] INFO: Stream Service created
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,418:30:handle_post_payload:246] INFO: Session created
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,419:30:handle_post_payload:265] INFO: Account found for: XXXXXX
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,419:20:connect:78] Starting connection with https://demo-apd.marketdatasystems.com
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,419:30:connect:226] systemd.daemon not available, no watchdog notifications will be sent.
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,419:10:connect:228] Opening a new session to <https://demo-apd.marketdatasystems.com>
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,420:10:_call:192] Making a request to <https://demo-apd.marketdatasystems.com/lightstreamer/create_session.txt> with body <b'LS_op2=create&LS_cid=mgQkwtwdysogQz2BJ4Ji+kOj2Bg&LS_user=Z3QXT3&LS_password=CST-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx%7CXST-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&LS_content_length=1000000000'>
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,696:10:_handle_stream:264] DEBUG: Server response: OK

[2020-12-31 15:29:45,697:20:_handle_stream:266] Successfully connected to <https://demo-apd.marketdatasystems.com>
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,697:10:_handle_stream:267] Starting to handling real-time stream
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,698:10:_receive:393] Waiting for a new message
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,698:20:_handle_stream:290] Started handling of real-time stream
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,698:30:handle_post_payload:274] INFO: Stream Service connected to account Id
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,699:30:handle_post_payload:282] INFO: Subscribing to prices: ['CS.D.GBPUSD.TODAY.IP']
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,699:30:handle_post_payload:290] INFO: Adding listener for prices
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,699:30:handle_post_payload:294] INFO: Registering prices subscription
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,699:10:subscribe:340] Making a new subscription request
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,700:10:_call:192] Making a request to <https://apd245f.marketdatasystems.com/lightstreamer/control.txt> with body <b'LS_Table=1&LS_op=add&LS_mode=MERGE&LS_schema=BID+OFFER&LS_id=CS.D.GBPUSD.TODAY.IP&LS_session=Sf5a695f0b33a8a13M781T2945678'>
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,938:10:_control:212] Server response: <ERROR>
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,939:10:subscribe:351] Server response ---> <ERROR>
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,939:30:subscribe:355] Subscription error

[2020-12-31 15:29:45,939:30:handle_post_payload:298] INFO: Subscribing to account
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,939:30:handle_post_payload:306] INFO: Adding listener for account
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,940:30:handle_post_payload:310] INFO: Registering account subscription
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,940:10:subscribe:340] Making a new subscription request
[2020-12-31 15:29:45,940:10:_call:192] Making a request to <https://apd245f.marketdatasystems.com/lightstreamer/control.txt> with body <b'LS_Table=2&LS_op=add&LS_mode=MERGE&LS_schema=AVAILABLE_CASH&LS_id=ACCOUNT%3AZ3QXT3&LS_session=Sf5a695f0b33a8a13M781T2945678'> - - [31/Dec/2020 15:29:46] "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 -
[2020-12-31 15:29:46,197:10:_control:212] Server response: <OK>
[2020-12-31 15:29:46,197:10:subscribe:351] Server response ---> <OK>
[2020-12-31 15:29:46,197:20:subscribe:353] Successfully subscribed
[2020-12-31 15:29:46,203:10:_receive:396] Received message ---> <2,1|10000.00>

[2020-12-31 15:29:46,203:10:_forward_update_message:381] Received update message ---> <2,1|10000.00>
[2020-12-31 15:29:46,203:20:on_account_update:177] balance: {'pos': 1, 'name': 'ACCOUNT:XXXXXX', 'values': {'AVAILABLE_CASH': '10000.00'}}

Any pointers would be greatly appretiated,

Kind Regards,


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