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Share Dealing costs and how to calculate them.

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Hi folks.

Seems I'm still a little lacking in knowledge at this late stage.  I've been trading Shares for quite a while now and transacted probably hundreds of times.

I'm struggling to either work out the values or interpret the information.  From what I can gather, If I trade more than 3 stocks per month, commission is nil.....I can see this reflected on my trading History.  From time to time I see a ' Charges' cost of $0.01. but I don't know if this is Per Share, OR per Deal or what?  I know; still winging it.

Take a look at a sample from today.

Buying Fuelcell @ $14.2 and selling @ $14.32.  That's 47 shares up 12c.  OR  $5.64, with the Red Price to the right being the GBP Value.  £  When I sold in profit my Balance was Less than what I paid.  when I sold at a loss, the loss is reflected.  I've dozens of instances like this.

Can anyone please explain what I'm seeing here?  Thanks.




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