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Hi, i have been following blockchain backer on youtube and wants to ask if you have any other youtube sites you can recommend for a newbie like me?


Thank you, 

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I feel that Youtube isn't the platform where I would seek in order to get 2nd hand opinions. Youtubers are only making videos to get views, so keep that in mind. Very very very few actually has anything useful to contribute. Why are they sharing their knowledge on YouTube when they could profit in the market. Books are better, books by established traders.

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21 hours ago, TheGuru12 said:

recommend for a newbie like me?


Absolutely, Stay away from scammers on YouTube and Instagram. They are all horse ****. 

So many "multi level marketing" people, scammers... they go to their bank (or mom and dad) and get a lot of money. Then they go to a car rental (or even private jet rental) and take some photos. What they want is you to follow them on YouTube/Instagram so the platform can feed you ads so they get money when you click on ads.

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    • If it's a share dealing or ISA account it's more than likely to be due to the settlement period.  Please know our settlement period works on a T+2 (T+3 for US shares( basis. This means the cash for these shares won't settle on your account the day you sold them but two working days later.  Many thanks for your understanding. I hope this clarifies why you can't withdraw your funds at the moment.    I hope this helps. If it doesn't let me know by replying to my message and putting @charlotteIG                      
    • Hey,  I got one of my colleagues to check this and they've got back to your email regarding the delay.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  All the best 
    • Really feel for these pub owners. ''Outdoor hospitality. Is it rule of 6 or two households? What is the social distancing guidance- can people from 6 different households huddle around a table together, and share a meal? Yet when we meet socially in gardens we are supposed to stay 2m apart?'' ''The law is that it's - rule of 6 (from any combination of households) *or* - two households of any number, *or* - two households *and* 1 or 2 households which are "linked households" with those 2 households (!) Social distancing is guidance not law BUT ...''   of course all this makes perfect sense and is completely normal, and so is this ... Pfizer Inc.  @pfizer BREAKING: Today, with @BioNTech_Group, we submitted a request to US FDA to expand emergency use of our COVID-19 vaccine to adolescents 12 to 15 years of age.   HART @hartgroup_org The risks to children from COVID-19 remain extremely low and any suggestion that they should be vaccinated to protect adults is ethically highly questionable. Read more in our bulletin: COVID-19 Weekly Bulletin – HART (hartgroup.org) .
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