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TQQQ share split - IG closed my position due to stop


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So it seems that TQQQ (proshares ultra pro QQQ) was due a 2:1 share split this morning. I had a demo position opened on it and incidentally, I also had a stop on it at -2000. The position got closed the moment the split happened with -2000£ charge on demo account. Would the behaviour in live environment be the same? slightly worrying as we need to be on top of it and not sure if any such imminent changes be notified by IG in advance. Many thanks.

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Guest Frances

I have a similar question, although with me I haven't got a stop. However, my positions show that I am -£4096 down on that one trade! I was under the impression that the position would be closed and a new one opened yet for me that didn't happen. What's going on???

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