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GME on NYSE - currently unable to buy

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I would like to buy this highly volatile stock. if I try to make a trade today on the IG platform it says "ORDER TOO FAR FROM LAST TRADED PRICE"


I know the value has increased overnight and the US market is currently closed - when will I be able to buy? will it be after the NYSE opens today (27.01)?





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1 hour ago, andysinclair said:

Pre-market showing it up 68% since the close yesterday, currently at 248.

Some US stocks you can trade pre-market but not GME. Be careful around the open though, spreads will be very wide...

I think a general 'be careful' warning applies to this one....you know what they say about playing with fire...

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Guest Rob
2 minutes ago, Tcs106 said:

Can't log into my sharedealing account - anyone else experiencing the same?

I can't log into my account and API is down :/

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2 minutes ago, Tcs106 said:

Can't log into my sharedealing account - anyone else experiencing the same?

Same here.... It all went down all of a sudden. No one is answering the phone lines, nor the chat

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    • Yeah i'm talking about trading.  I think what i'm trying to figure out is how i'd fair in a crash given you don't really know its happened until its happened.  I suspect i would lose money initially but then should be able to turn it around, assuming the market recovers of course.  There are also whole years where markets go into reverse trends and again i guess i could trade those but its easier to see that's what's happening once it been and gone, at the time you might always be looking for the market to turn upwards and it keeps trending downwards.
    • The answer depends a lot on your personal circumstances, time horizons, whether you're trading for fun / extra cash or to make a living etc. If you're a long-term investor and have confidence in the quality of your holdings, then a bear market (defined as a 20% drop from the highs) is usually a great opportunity to top-up (personally I would do this by drip-feeding into the market slowly as it's impossible to be sure when a bottom has been reached). If you're a trader then market crashes and the associated volatility usually throw up lots of good trading opportunities but easy to get burnt if you don't know what you're doing. I always think of crashes / bear markets in this way...as scary as they can be, they're actually (eventually!) the beginning of the next bull market, as the Covid crash of March 20 proved to be most recently - best buying opportunity in many years. As you're relatively new to trading I would highly recommend reading 'The Disciplined Trader' by Mark Douglas. Expensive to buy usually, but well worth every penny. Hope this is all of some help to you.
    • Hi all, do you have any advice about what to do when a market crashes? I would assume a major crash was like what we saw last year when coronavirus broke. I only started looking into trading just after that happened so have not experienced one yet. Although was involved in the recovery which was a baptism of fire..I guess the question is, do you know when you're in a crash scenario? Of course the news might give clues but you don't know how far the market will fall so are you inevitably going to lose money at least in the short term? This especially if you're a long trader. I assume you don't just carry on trading as you normally would. Thanks for the advice.
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