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"Unexpected error" kicked out of spread betting platform and can't log back in


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1 minute ago, CharlotteIG said:


We’re currently investigating reports of issues accessing our platforms. We apologise for any inconvenience. We hope to get this sorted as soon as possible. 

All the best 

Definitely issues!!!!

I don't think the status page represents it correctly either..


It only states 'degraded performance' for Login - all other items are operational.



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Time to switch. IG platforms are rigged! This is a systemic issue and will keep on recurring

Its part of their game. They dont care. Watch. They wont give a decent explanation or plan of action or commitment to prevent this happening again

CityIndex was trading just fine and they're meant to be a small outfit



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didn't bother me too much, but as i successfully logged in about 4.00pm uk time, i did notice that flash was down and was presented with spreadsheet etc, it was all over the place and couldn't make any sense of it.

its back now, i have my dark mode all in order! but, some of you are correct about the site, this is the 3rd time in a week its happened! apologies without explanation are not enough!

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On 29/08/2021 at 03:07, Guest Anonymous said:

Yeah me too


Have you tried to clear your cache and delete your cookies?

If it is still happening please reach out to helpdesk.uk@ig.com with screenshots. We will be able to investigate and assist you from there.

All the best - Arvin

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