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"Order too far from last traded price"

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Signed up to ask about the same issue.

It worked out OK for me though, I tried to put a sell in at 142.069 when it was around 85 and got that same message. It closed at 147, so the order would have filled on the day if it were accepted... and then it went to 280 in after market. :D

I was reading that we should be phoning IG to ask our shares be made not available for lending, anyone here gone through that process?

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Guest I did some digging.

Hi guys, did some digging. The explanation makes sense.


The reason for the limit is because IG pay a fee on every order on your behalf. Setting a limit (to stop people miss typing numbers) is to prevent additional costs.


Still, I want it off my account. Atleast for afew weeks ;)

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