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Platforms and API down again today

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I can only apologise for that's happening. 

I'm not defending what's happening. We're working to get the login issue sorted (updates here: https://status.ig.com/). 

I can assure you though that these are technical issues. We wouldn't put or reputation on the line to try and steal money from traders. I know this doesn't make it any better. 

I'm waiting on updates to give. Massive apologies, I completely understand everyone's frustrations. 


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12 minutes ago, Borotov said:

It is getting ridiculous and I am serious considering taking my money somewhere else. Everyday on the US market opening times the system is lagging.

I had to try and hedge some of my positions on FTX, it's more crypto based, but they are listing more and more stocks by the day, never have downtime and the web interface is super fast, unlike IG. https://ftx.us/#a=demo  ...To be honest, just looking at how much better my P&L is on there, it's made me realise that the slow IG interface actually stresses me and probably has a negative effect on my trades. 

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2 minutes ago, Gandolf said:


I mainly do spread betting on IG. Any alternative platforms you'd recommend for spread betting?


I use CMC Markets as my second platform.  They offer much tighter spreads on smaller caps outside the FTSE100.  Their range of markets is smaller and their funding rates are slighter higher which are negatives.  And bizarrely they don't volume info if you use this.

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Why can I see and make trades on the demo accounts but then try to load the exact same UI for the live account and it's down? Can it really be a server issue if there is capacity on the demo account side. Surely shut that down during this unprecedented time. I'm sure no one is going to be too upset that their demo account is down for an hour or two!

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honestly..how can IG not have back-up servers/systems for this kind of thing....their only job is to provide a working platform and they are failing..is it really impossible for a company as successful as IG to be unable to provide their most important function..it's like turning up at B&Q and the staff being unable to unlock the doors...baffling.

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Screwed my log in again and the service provider (IG INDEX) don't care as they are serving the large organisations. Missed my trades again because of this. This is all illegal and i hope action is taken but for me its time to take my money out of here and move on to ethical platforms. About 15 of my colleagues are going to leave IG now too, it was ok that they had Algos etc running against us but this takes it to new limits. P.S all of our accounts are marked and get preferential treatment accordingly. FYI.

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