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Total book cost and currency conversion

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I am fairly new to the platform and I have been placing some orders, mainly for US stocks and some UK ones. Account is UK, the total book cost is in GBP. The only way to reconcile the total book cost with the money I actually paid for the stocks, is by using the current GBP/USD conversion and apply that to the book cost for each US stock, therefore the sum of GBP and USD position is calculated with the current conversion, which does not make much sense to me, as if the currency fluctuates, it makes the overall profit change. Do you have any recommendation on how to handle this? I thought about editing the books, but the currency fluctuations would still affect the totals and profit. Are there better tools to keep track of the "real" profit?

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    • This is not an acceptable explanation for me unfortunately, I am fully aware of the need to move spreads and I had accounted for that. Especially at the open of a market, but your spread was totally unreasonable the spread on DEC contracts is already at 130pip standard, to increase it to 400pips and hold it there even after 5 mins of trading. As my execution was a 09:06 the main market volatility had already been accounted for.   So disappointing after 6years being a customer and on a profitable trade as well: 
    • Dear @MB1470, Thank you for your post. Please note that dealing spreads on shares are subject to variation, especially in volatile market conditions or other unusual circumstances.  Market spreads can widen significantly, particularly at the beginning and end of the trading day, and minimum spreads may exist. Thanks, KoketsoIG
    • This morning at the market open on NOVO DEC contracts. On Spread Bet.    the spread moved from 138pips to close to 400 pips? How can this be reasonable the candle is only displayed on a 15-2min time period not on smaller periods. At market open 09:00 ????? How is this even remotely reasonable?     
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