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Ya'll know stopping opening trades on GME isn't manipulation right?

Guest apestogetherstrong

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Guest apestogetherstrong

It's a CFD. Clues in the name. Contract for the difference in price which you hold with IG. 

Its a free market. If you only have 1 trading / broker account and no account with other providers you're probably a bit dense. Apply, open and trade in less than 20 mins.

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But it's not a free market. That's the point. You can't just offer one side of a trade.

It has a flow on effect for the value of the security, if lots and lots of people can only SELL but not BUY, you're artificially reducing demand and therefore lowering the market price.

And that is exactly what has happened.

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    • If you've tried using Ethereum, you know it can get slow and expensive. Think of Starknet as a helper that makes everything faster and cheaper. It does this by taking a bunch of transactions, squishing them into one, and then processing that one. This means more transactions can happen at once without clogging up the system. For people making apps on the blockchain (they call these dApps), Starknet is like a dream come true because it lets their apps handle a lot more users without slowing down. It also gives them the freedom to make their apps work just how they want, making things better for users. When it comes to making money, Starknet charges fees to use its network and lets people 'stake' their coins – that's like putting your money in a savings account that helps the network run, and you get a little reward for that. So, what do you think about Starknet? It's all about helping Ethereum handle more action without any hassle. Could be a big deal for how we use digital money, right?
    • Why is this?    what’s the reason? I’ve had open positions on this stock for over 3 years 
    • Dear @Omegaguy123, Thank you for reaching out to us! Please be aware that the stock is no longer available on leveraged accounts (spread bet and CFD); it is only offered on non-leveraged accounts (share dealing). Currently, it is on 'closings only' on leveraged accounts, which means you can only close existing positions. To close this market, please make sure you are closing from the 'positions' tab and not from the deal ticket. All the best, KoketsoIG
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