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Unable to create ‘sell stop loss’

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Guest Did anyone get an answer

Did anyone get an answer to this. I am suffering the same issue and going round and round in circles. This platform is not very intuitive

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42 minutes ago, kilter said:

The silence is deafening. 

The orders available on the share dealing platform are as available on the actual exchange itself that the shares are traded on. Exhanges are different and many esp US exchanges banned stop loss orders years ago.

However, a stop loss order is just an equal and opposite order to that used to buy the shares.

see this thread;

Using stop losses on share dealing? - New to IG Community - IG Community

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This example looks like its from an old build, in the version of the platform im looking at I cannot perform this as I cannot set,  'good til cancel' on most of my positions, the only option is "Day" for "expiry" and the only "order type" is "Limit". so not sure how can we setup, stop losses that last more than a day, can we please get some assistance on this?!


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18 minutes ago, Jammad said:

This example looks like its from an old build, in the version of the platform im looking at I cannot perform this as I cannot set,  'good til cancel' on most of my positions, the only option is "Day" for "expiry" and the only "order type" is "Limit". so not sure how can we setup, stop losses that last more than a day, can we please get some assistance on this?!


that is correct, the reply was based on the old platform but the basic principle of only offering what is actually available on the particular exchange was carried over to the new platform.

The same applies for GTC orders, see here is a reply to the same question on a previous thread.


Stops and trailing stops for share dealing - IG Trading Support - Dealing Questions - IG Community


Also a note that this forum was set up for clients to exchange info and ideas and was never meant to be a back door to the helpdesk, though occassionally a moderator may perform that task - based on long term observation - I can say it's more likely they won't. 

However, I can recommend the search facility as the answer to most quetions are to be found on the forum somewhere. Sometimes you can get better search results using google > IG community ...

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