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Setting Stop Losses on Options

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Spent a little time searching for answers regarding setting stop losses on options, but seems to be no ability to do this on IG? Am I missing something, or is the only way to set stop losses on the spreadbetting accounts options tab via continuously monitoring the value throughout the day and manually selling upon it reaching a set value? If this is the case, could someone explain why - it seems like a fundamental flaw unless there is some underlying reason it is not possible? If this is an issue solely with IG, any recommendations for other platforms?

For reference, I've been using the demo account and simply practicing on the FTSE 100. 

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I believe in practice, once the option is opened, people tend to trade the underlying security rather than the option.  Options are typically for "holding til expiry" rather than buying and selling later.

You may consider having an alert that tells you if your underlying goes above/below a certain point.

In any case, trading options is not a "set and forget" sort of operation -- you really need to be hands on and monitor your positions, margin, etc.

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