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Rolls Royce Historic Stock price miss match to yahoo

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Hi All 

I am currently in a long position on RR and the history is strange on the stock price and do not understand why i am seeing  a difference between IG and Yahoo.... 

So on Yahoo RR on a 5 year high is only at 345 ish but on IG on the 2nd August 2018 it shows a high of 1104.5  I assume I am looking at different tickets but both have RR.L in the News Code. 


Confused : I think maybe due to Stock split but would they not update the historical reference so that you can properly compare over time in IG



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I have asked exactly the same question. i am tracking and have been track RR for a year. There is something wrong here.

I have raised a ticked with IG to understand whats happened, once i hear back i will post on here

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