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Cellular Goods (CBX.L)

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I invested in the IPO through PrimaryBid.

Shares are to be transferred in listing date, which seems to be today.

Has anyone had theirs show up in their account?



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Hi - no, they won't usually show up in your IG Account until a few days after admission, which is next Monday 1 March. PrimaryBid are great for participating in IPOs, placings etc. but not if you're looking for a quick turnaround profit on the day of admission!

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Thanks! Do you know if I can I sell my shares on the PrimaryBid platform now, or because I have opted to transfer to IG do I just have to sit and wait?

500% up, so not overy worried, only a £585 stake, but them listing a day early caught everyone by surprise it seems.


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Thanks for the heads up. The shares are still not in my account and now only worth 19p, **** you IG!!!!!!!

Any moderators on here who can sort this out please?


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Guest Luke

Mine showed on IG on Friday however i was still unable to trade today. Any idea when we can actually sell these shares

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