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IG ISA service vs other platforms

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I'm trying to get some information about what people think overall about IG's ISA service and how does it fare compared other platforms on criteria such as costs, user experience etc..

If you have any feedback or insights you can share based on your experience, it will be great.



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I have ISA with IG and I normally pay £3 per transactions. I trade about 10 times a month.

I do not know how good on pricing this is but the service is good except during the lockdown when when I need to contact them it was very difficult and I lost some £900 because of that.

Moving the account still so troublesome as you are locked out for 4-6 weeks which can be disastrous.

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The service has been good when I have emailed a few times received a reply within a day. Haven't had any problems with them so far. 

Spread's are excellent compared to Trading212 & Etoro the few fees I have paid for UK stock's (US trade 3 times per month its free minimum trade is $90) probably saved money already. They dont have portfolio total charts which would be nice so I can see how much it is gained/Lossed where my portfolio has been outperforming/Underperforming against a index (time weighted return).

Few ETF's & Stocks you cant buy in a ISA which is annoying but hopefully they continue to add more stocks to this list.

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