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ig needs to focus should be to provide a platform that is user friendly and assists customers to trade and to make the right decisions.. traders will be successful and trade more and make ig more money 


instead it tries to turn it into a casino 


the fca investigation is because of the failings of the industry to be professional and also of the operators being to greedy to fleece their customers at any chance possible

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We'd really like to hear where you think we can improve our platform - you can always leave feedback here or within the platform itself.  We aim to provide as user-friendly a service as possible, and are currently in a beta-testing phase of our new web trading platform roll-out.  Once live, you should find many improvements and hopefully a smoother, more logical trading experience.


Please do take a look at our post regarding the FCA proposal if you have not already done so here, or indeed leave your feedback directly with them here.




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Hi , thanks for the post.


You should be able to edit any open position from your app - if you cannot then you may have 'aggregate view' switched on, and you just need to deselect it.  Also, you will always need to adhere to the minimum stop distance, so may not always be able to move a stop to a certain level.


Any more questions please just post, hopefully there are a few Android app users here to help out!




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