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Stop loss orders default to a quantity of -NaN overnight and won't activate the following day.

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Hi All,

This has started occurring in the past month or two; my orders quantity default to -NaN overnight and won't trigger.  eg. my Good til Cancelled stops. I can manually go into orders and update the quantities everyday, the levels remain the same and they're good to go for the day. This is fine for medium term swing trading where I'm checking daily, however, this is not practical for long term trades that I'm only watching once a week.  Anyone have any advice how to stop this occuring?

Thanks in advance

Screenshot 2021-03-15 084933.png

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The issue of the charts disappearing has been referenced in another thread (for reference) and I've been discussing it with tech support. They've fixed it now (at least for me) so hopefully it should be working properly for anyone else affected by it.

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    • Hi - there's nothing wrong with having target level(s) - If it works it works Just remember as in chart 1 above, if the market is going UP then it will create a series of higher lows and higher highs and one can trail the market up by simply using the swing low points - because if the market is trending upwards it ain't going to hit a swing low point until it needs a rest, changes degree or the trend is changing That's a major law of the market (vice versa for it going  down and for sideways ranges overlapping of swings)  The blue dots on chart 1 show you the times the presumed swing low/low didn't work out
    • Thanks THT, yes well i do estimate my possible returns by estimating a target price.  Of course if the market doesn't get there then i've got several smaller rolling losses to deal with and i've not figured out yet how i make up for that if it turns out i'm wrong.  I'm currently not using a trailing stop for simplicity and the sake of not adding another variable into the mix.  However, I imagine that only having a binary situation where the market either hits the stop or target is too simplistic in a fluid market..
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