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keep getting message "you cannot currently "buy to open" on this market. Demo account

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Hello, I opened about 2 weeks ago a demo account for BTC trading. Did a couple of trades and it all worked well.

But now, whatever the amount I want to buy, I keep getting the message


You cannot currently "buy to open" on this market as we've reached our internal product limit.... Contact support etc.


So what's the problem? Is the account deactivated? I still can login and get charts etc... But just not buy (and sell) anything...


Thank you  

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From here:

If you can’t go long (open a ‘buy’ position) on cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ripple, or ether, the most likely reason is we have reached our internal limits on these products, and so the market is set to ‘unlongable’. This means we are unable to accept any new long trades either by phone or online – but you’ll still be able to close existing positions.

Due to the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, there’s a limit to the total amount of physical cryptocurrency we can hold as a business. When this limit is reached, we are unable to purchase more cryptocurrency to hedge your position.

This is when a market will be set to unlongable. And because we don’t know when we’ll be off of our limits, it’s not possible for us to estimate when the market may become available to trade again.

Odd though it may seem (since you're not taking a real position), the Demo platform becomes restricted at the same time as Live.

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