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New IPO listings on ASX not on IG.com

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Hi Everyone,

Trying to invest in some new IPO's like Bastion Minerals and cannot seems to locate them on IG.com even though their IPO listing started on March 16th.  Anyone know where I can locate them?



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    • Don't think the bull run has ended, just a correction is very much on the cards. Timing of which suggests we have some room to manoeuvre but would not be surprised at all if the market tops out within the next couple of weeks, or anytime around 21/06....Suggest it is more a profit taking exercise than genuine full scale correction, which could/should be later in the year. Only mentioned this as markets have been red hot for months and swimming in liquidity, sooner or later some of that will be taken out in the form of profit taking. Suggest it may be a 10% er or even more. In the past have purchased  ETFs that short the market and like to buy the Vix at less than 20, as it's a fair form of insurance (Imho). Psychologically, the oil markets have a problem with WTI being over the $75, which at current rates of progress is due to top out sooner than later. Just mentioning it. 
    • Robert W Malone, MD @RWMaloneMD  1d ''What happens to confidence in public health and US Gov if ivermectin turns out to be safe and effective for COVID, and the genetic vaccines turn out to have significant safety issues? This looks like a very plausible scenario from where I sit.''   'The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd wrote to the head of the MHRA calling for the immediate halt to the vaccines. They have been calling for use of IVM (Ivermectin) since Xmas & have been ignored by the UK gov.' Microsoft Word - Urgent Preliminary Report of Yellow Card Data 9-6-2021.docx (filesusr.com)  
    • Fed meeting this week Markets still Bullish, But.............. Lots of factors are in place that occur at tops/highs Time Cycle zone - rising market into it usually tops out for a half decent correction of some degree (However of all the TC's I track this one is the least predictable in an overall Bull market - Reference 15th May 2012 for the last Internal date this TC arrived)  Weekly Indicators are in the OB zone and in perfect place for reversing for the weekly chart to register lower price bars of some degree Daily Chart (shown) - possible Double top + daily Indicators in OB zone There's also an Elliott Wave count suggesting a 5 wave top due - not too bothered about this though IF a correction happens, then its a great buying opp, but as of yet there's no evidence the bull runs finished I've got an aggressive exploratory short 1 penny under the black line (yet to be triggered) - SP500 Index Got a nice Triple TOP formed on the Nasdaq100 * Note on TC's - Sometimes they arrive dead to the day, other times a window of tolerance has to be observed - we're NOT trading the TC, we're trading the price action caused by the TC, which should form formations relevant to the direction of price or likely direction and the TC's are NOT 100% accurate, they are highly accurate but not 100% which means some of them won't work out as expected, hence why we don't trade them blindly
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