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Currency conversion rate and charge for US shares transferred into IG

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I work for Amazon and am transferring 20 Amazon shares into my IG account from my Morgan Stanley US account. A couple of questions here:

1. When converting the currency what do IG charge the interbank exchange rate or are there any extras? It mentions here https://www.ig.com/au/share-trading/charges

"we will convert currencies at the time of execution based on the best available bid / offer exchange rates, plus a spread of just 0.7%". Does that mean if the exchange rate is 1.3791 the IG rate will be 1.3791*0.07% = 1.3800 exchange rate.

2. Am I right in thinking I don't pay the 0.5% charge for purchasing US shares because I am transferring them in?

3. Are there any other hidden charges I need to be aware of when selling the shares? I understand it's free unless I choose to convert currencies manually.

I am checking this because an advisor has told me they use TorFX but I can't see the benefits of this if IG only charge 0.07% above the interbank rate.


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