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Net off/force open options

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Hi all, apologies not really a strategy question but this is where its likely to be answered. Not sure if anyone at ig answer on these forums. This might be a stupid question sorry. If I use the net off ticket type and then I partly close the position. How can I open other positions on the same market ideally net off without it closing the former position. Is the only option to switch to force open for subsequent positions? And this won't close the open position that was set as net off? Really I want the functionality of net off i.e. partial closing ability but to make each new position opened somehow independent and not linked to the first even if its a position in the opposite direction once the partial closure has been done. If a scenario is easier to understand, I have a short term goal, when I hit it I partially close and leave the remaining open for a longer term goal. However, now I can't open any more positions at least in the opposite direction net off as it will close the former position. Is there a way to use force open that achieves the same goal?

Thanks for the advice

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4 hours ago, BigDeal said:

You can partially close positions whenever you want, whether you've opened it with net off or force open, but you will have to use force open for subsequent new positions if you don't want it to affect your remaining open position(s)

Ok it's the partial closing of force open positions that I can't seem to do. I have 1 click dealing disabled in my account but I often use the IG phone app so I think it just doesn't have the functionality. All I've been able to do is net off with opposing position to partially close. Thanks for the help though.

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