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An Investing idea for the community ( Educational purposes only)

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Hi guys I have been doing some research on how to capitalise on the reopening of the US economy. I already own some recovery stocks which have been working and I think this play still has some juice left. Below is an a excert of a note for the company DAVE & BUSTERS ENTERTAINMENT ticker PLAY by Andrew Strelzik of BMO

Key takeaways

''Recovery progressing and demand is there. Comp improvement through FY1Q, while aided by stimulus, is indicative of consumer willingness/readiness to re-engage with the brand as COVID-related restrictions are lifted and vaccines are more widely disseminated. Top quartile stores that are indexing 90%+ pre-pandemic volumes and are concentrated in less restricted regions with higher consumer mobility offer further evidence of strong demand as the environment further normalizes.

Several near-term drivers to sustain building top-line momentum. In addition
to the normalizing environment, near-term levers include 1) New York/California re- opening/re-ramping; 2) summer marketing campaign highlighting revamped food/bev platform among other inititiatives; 3) greater focus on marketing through digital/social platforms broadly; and 4) six new games including several big-name titles (Minecraft, Top Gun). PLAY should also benefit from likely reduced competitive headwinds as competitors slow unit growth and focus on core business recovery.''

Personally, looking at the balance sheet and analyst's future estimates, both the earnings and revenue estimates have been upgraded.  These are the things I like to see before I get involved in a company. 


Last price as of close 01-04-2-21.  $45.32   ====> VS   1D 1.55%.     VS 1W 5.55%.  VS  1M 8.04%   VS 3M 57.1%    VS 6M 198%

Right now, looks like momentum is slowing down in the short term which could mean a buying opportunity. I have deployed 1/4 of my max position ( only about £300) will look to add more upon weakness or go full max if as it starts to work with a time horizon of 6 months.  I added a volatility adjusted rescaled range to the price chart. based on the daily close , it looks like the top of the price range is about $57and the price is sitting comfortably near the bottom of the range. Hopefully, I get a meaningful correction and can get involved at a much better price. See chart below. Right now the trading signal looks bearish in the short term pithing a bullish trend therefore overall looks bullish.


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