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Cannot transfer funds from share dealing account to ISA account



I am unable to transfer funds from my share dealing account to my ISA account as it says there are 0 funds available in all accounts. I think from previous posts this may be because the ISA account has become "inactive" due to no trading activity in the past year but I am unable to open an additional ISA account as a workaround. I need to transfer £13k from my share dealing account to use some of my isa allowance but there seems to be no way to do this!

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My experience might help the understanding of your own:

I'm having a ridiculous issue of the same matter. They've had unsettled credit on my share deal account for nearly a month now, funds I've long been intending to move into my ISA just like yourself (check your account overview to see this, likely the issue for available widthdrawals). I've been in contact with the helpdesk for weeks now, and it's borderline question dodging at this point. I worryingly can't get any answer out of them as to why my funds are frozen from movement like this (why the credit will not settle). Worse yet it's credit from sale of a huge blue chip company, nothing unusual.

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