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How soon after shares are first floated wil they be available on IG?

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Hi there, I am super brand new to IG. Hello :)

I intend my first purchase through IG to be that of Coinbase (COIN) on Nasdaq when it becomes available. It will be a direct listing on April 14th. I am aware that being late to the party can mean missing out on first day gains so I am wondering how long it will take to be available for purchase on IG? Maybe it would be recommended to purchase from elsewhere in this particular instance. Anyone who has some info on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Coinbase is currently still in its price discovery phase on the underlying exchange. As soon as its available to trade in the underlying market, you'll be able to trade it online and on mobile. 

Keep up to date with IG twitter handles: https://twitter.com/IGSquawk 

Use the right hand 'twitter feed' to keep up to date throughout the day.

Keep an eye out on the platform - the yellow phone symbol will turn green! 


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