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Chart time frame missing first hour (08:00-09:00)



Hello, I'm using the demo account and my charts are only displaying from 09:00 onwards. I have the time interval set to 5 min's and I can't see the first hour of trading (08:00-09:00)(see attached screenshot). I have tried removing/adding the charts and changing the time interval but this makes no difference. Also, I've tested this on both the web & android app's and still have the same issue. Does anyone else have this issue or know what could be the cause?

side question - How can I contact IG support directly? Surely there must be a number to call, support/help email address or an online chat. I've looked everywhere on the IG website and cant find anything where I can raise this issue with them directly. It looks like this public forum is the closest thing I can get to IG support. :( 


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Looks like IG pushed out an update last night (12/04/2021) and now I can see the first hour of trading on both the web & android app's. :) 

Also, I found an email and contact number for IG support. I had to go through the android app as the website just didn't have the contact details anywhere. For reference, you can contact them at helpdesk.uk@ig.com or 08004096789.

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An update to my previous post.  It would appear that the time frame missing data problem is affecting spread betting account either live or demo, but appears to be OK on CFD demo account.

I managed to speak with support this morning, pleasantly within a minute or so, and they were seeing the same issue and will report to technical team.

Hopefully this will be resolved quickly.

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