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Nominee account closure + bed and isa + outstanding options



I have a nominee account with stock and options for the same company on both AIM and ASX.

I am at risk of being charged a Custodial fee on one or t'other account after a price drop/placement. IG have waived te charge for this quarter though I do more than 3 trades a quarter anyway, between the two accounts.  No point in having a nominee account now?

The ASX company is on the acceptable foreign stocks list for my ISA!

I therefore want to close my nominee account entirely and move my stock and options into my ISA.

Can I bed and isa all four groups (ASX stock and options, AIM stock and options) as one , or two ASX and AIM , or can the options just be moved across?

I want to do this now whilst the nominee account is below the £20k threshold., by not a lot!

Will I get a response from IG on this forum, I do I need to raise it directly with them?



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