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Market Value Currency Choice + Watchlist Total Return

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If these functions already exist please do let me know, but I think it would be really useful to have a column under the positions section on the new online platform that allows us to see the Market Value in GBP (or any currency), not just the currency the stock is listed in. Same applies for the app but making this a feature that can be selected on the 'Trades' tab. 

The second point is a simple % return (same as Profit/loss %) but for securities on a watchlist, which shows the % return from when you added it to your watchlist. Again this could be added to the app as well as online platform.


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Hi, I'm late coming to this, but I've just spotted the post. Would like to echo the request for a column that shows the profit/loss on a position in GBP. I trade FX and so often have trades in several currencies and find it much easier to get an intuitive sense of where I stand when I see them all brought to the same currency. In fact it's such a deal breaker for me that I'm still using the old platform, just because it has that option.

Thanks for raising the issue, Sam.

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3 hours ago, eastside said:

Hi, have you tried this and is not what you seek? 


Hi @eastside - thanks for the reply, I do use that function already but what I'm after is a function for 'total market value (GBP)', not just the profit/loss amount in GBP. That would make it easier for example to compare my US positions to my UK ones as a whole, rather than having to manually FX it myself... I think that's what @cate was referring to as well.

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