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I’ve recently invested through IG and hopefully continue to do so, you folk came out tops on MANY reviews (congrats!).

I'm no expert, I'm just an individual trying to grasp what seems to be the most convoluted and corrupt poker game. Am I safe in saying, when the inevitable GME squeeze happens, there won’t be any liquidity issues with IG? Bearing in mind, this is in relation to open positions via cash accounts and not margin?

  • What happened with IG late January was at best: Questionable, and at worst: Criminal.

Is there any reassurance (whatsoever) that IG will let the people trade/sell during future volatility? Rather than ‘protecting' us investors from such volatile money-making opportunities.

  • Thanks in advance for your response, I know several people who are equally concerned so there must be thousands. I’d really appreciate a constructive indication to future activities on the matter. Silence speaks volume.


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Hi Anthony, Sorry that this post has not had any replies from anyone at IG, this does indeed speak volume.

As a new member I regret that I did not do enough research first into what happened previously with GME and IG.

If this post gets approved by a moderator, please could someone from IG offer some reassurance regarding OP's question.

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