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What do you think of this crypto project?

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So I was on facebook yesterday night and I saw a friend of mine share this post - https://www.facebook.com/Ethernity.cloud/photos/a.399759260453693/1211274599302151/

It seems like a great project, I read about it on their website https://ethernity.cloud/

I am thinking to invest into their minimum presale package but I dont have much experience with crypto. I just lost some cash because the market turned upside down, and now I am thinking on top of holding crypto assets to take a look at early projects. 

What do you guys think about it? (by the way this is their telegram chat - https://t.me/ethernitycloud)

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Guest SleepyTrader34

When you say the market turned upside down, what do you mean? Day and swing trading didn't go too well for me, so I've kind of stepped away from markets and news and tried a buy and hold long term approach for the last year or so, and it's worked well, except I've not been in the loop on news at all. Should I be worried about my holdings, and pull my head out of the sand?

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