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The Virus and the Economy

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1 hour ago, Caseynotes said:

''Good News out of Australia! Premier of NSW forced to resign after an investigation found she & others in the govt. were receiving millions from Pfizer to push draconian vax laws. How much is Biden getting?''  

Melissa Tate @TheRightMelissa


This is misinformation. This is what ICAC is investigating.


The allegation by Clive Palmer that Berejiklian is being directed by lobbyists tied to Pfizer is a separate matter.



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Posted this in the 'Covid and the Economy' thread March 2020 (data for South Korea, one of many posted at the time, all with similar stats).



Nothing has changed (%) in 18 months. Current data for Singapore;





The reason why PHE / Government have never published a chart / data like this is because it becomes very hard to push the fear agenda when 98.2% of cases are mild or asymptomatic. (datatosee.com @dontbetyet)



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'SINISTER STUFF, DR. FAUCI ON VACCINE MANDATES:' “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society."


Officialdom ramping the rhetoric against the unvaxxed as the narrative disintegrates around them with yet another covid outbreak amongst the vaccinated;

"96.2% of the exposed population was vaccinated. Infection advanced rapidly...and viral load was high....all transmissions between patients and staff occurred between masked and vaccinated individuals."

'The calculated attack rate among all exposed patients and staff was 10.6% for staff and 23.7% for patients, in a population with 96.2% vaccination rate”.

Eurosurveillance | Nosocomial outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant in a highly vaccinated population, Israel, July 2021



Jordan Schachtel @ dossier.substack.com  @JordanSchachtel

Pfizer has now hired 22 separate lobbying firms, all in Washington, DC, to craft drug policy in the United States. Yes, that's the accurate #. TWENTY TWO lobbying firms. Tons of top Congressional staffers & fmr WH officials have been recruited to push Pfizer's agenda in DC.

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10 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

'The UK Government has quietly changed the rules on vaccine passports. By mid-December there is no way out of the medical apartheid.'  Prof Norman Fenton @profnfenton  1h.  


Total corruption. This is not about a virus.






oh dear, another step further to the "great reset".

How many steps do we have to complete? Are we close to the end?

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37 minutes ago, jlz said:

oh dear, another step further to the "great reset".

How many steps do we have to complete? Are we close to the end?

no not quite, still a few more steps apparently.

"At first we will implant them in our clothes. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin.” - Klaus Schwab, Jan 10, 2016, Swiss RTS TV


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Reminder that the multi-billionaire WEF Davos elites have been running indoctrination (training) courses for up coming political and media leaders continuously since the early 1980s on the implementation of the 4th (Technological) major world revolution.

All current western leaders have been through it.

Including this clown;



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What connects these 2 recent headlines from the US?


'Northwell Health, the largest health care provider in New York, said it fired 1,400 employees for failing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.'


'Gov. Newsom mandates vaccines for all eligible Calif. students in first-of-its-kind order.'


Almost everyone working in a health care settings over the last 18 months will have come into contact with covid. 

Almost all will be in the 99% who had just mild symptoms or no symptoms at all and now have robust and long lasting immunity to covid and all the current variants.

All the data shows that children have a next to zero risk of serious harm from covid. The vaccines pose a 5 x greater risk. This cohort will have mild or nil symptoms and lasting immunity thereafter.

The 2 groups above will help build herd immunity for everyone. The vaccines will never lead to herd immunity. 

That these 2 groups are being mandated for vaccination makes it obvious that immunity is not the politicians goal. The goal is vaccination and therefore proof of vaccination by vaccine passports, the gateway to digital IDs.

NO ONE can be exempt from digital IDs.

Contemporary politicians are not concerned with your health or welfare. This is a power grab orchestrated by the WEF Davos billionaires club.


'In the future you will own nothing (because the Davos billionaires will own everything) and be happy.'

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Those vaccine cards are meaningless after 6 months LOL.
Prepare for monthly shots just to be “safe” - and the health destroying side effects after each one.


More than a million Israelis could be stripped of their vaccine passports because they’ve not received a booster jab following the country's update of the meaning of 'full immunity'.




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What we have learnt.

- there are 64 scientific studies, 32 random control studies that show Ivermectin is highly affective in treating covid.

- In Singapore currently 99% of positive cases have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all (typical of western counties).

- The IFR in the UK is 0.096% (typical of western counties).

- The average age of death from covid in the UK is 82 (typical of western counties).

- Politicians no longer follow the science because it no longer coincides with their agenda.

- Politicians are deliberately refusing to acknowledge natural immunity because their goal is for 100% vaccinations whether people need them or not.

- 100% vaccinations are needed for the issuing of vax passports to as many as possible, this will aid the transition from vax passports to digital IDs.

- This is because for digital IDs to work as a means of social control they will need be issued to every man, woman and child.

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Our Glorious Leaders;


'Boris Johnson tonight on the BBC "I've given you the most important metric which is, never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes, look at wage growth." 

Presumably he means wage growth after shutting down jobs and wages for a year.





Never mind that the vaccines don't actually work.

ABC News  @ABC

JUST IN: More Americans have died from COVID-19 this year than from the virus in all of 2020, according to newly updated data from Johns Hopkins University.



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Insanity levels set to surge as the flu season approaches.  

Biden increases the pressure to vax those who don't want and likely don't need it in the pretence it will protect those that have had it from catching the disease it protects them from.  

Unvaxxed US football player forced into quarantine after testing negative - because he came into contact with a coach who was vaxxed and caught covid.  

Meanwhile Biden tries to out bid Boris in the blackmail stakes;

BIDEN: "When you see headlines and reports of mass firings, and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story...United went from 59% of their employees [vaccinated] to 99%..."  Breaking911 @Breaking911  




Reminder that the vax efficacy continues to decline as more studies highlight delta's vaccine resistance. It's only by including old stats that include data on earlier strains that there is any remaining efficacy left at all.  

Timely reminder too that a covid death (tested positive within 28 days of death) does not mean the person died of covid or even had covid at all. 

If you have immunity your immune system will destroy SARS-CoV2 on contact as it should but the resulting viral fragments left in your blood will cause a positive PCR test result.  


"Then we told them the vaccine isn't mandatory, but that you won't be able to get a job, use the subway, travel abroad, have a social life, see your loved ones, start a business, open a bank account or buy food without it."




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In the US they are now going after 5 year olds and above with the usual scare stories of overrun hospitals etc.  


Covid-19: Kids ages 5 to 11 ‘need to get that vaccination,’ says Dr. Peter Hotez.  


But really; 

Michael Absoud @MAbsoud

Children’s Hospitals are incredibly busy But not with Covid- which forms a v small proportion of work Mainly other viruses/ infections, mental health presentations+++, catch up elective work.  



Kevin O'Sullivan @TVKev  1h.  

TV star Professor Jonathan Van-Tam fears that months of lockdowns and social distancing have left us far less resistant to potentially fatal flu. Thanks Prof, whose fault is that then?


Meanwhile the covid peak vs the flu pandemic of 1999/2000.

(I already did this comparison with numbers last year in the 'covid and the economy' thread but it looks good on a graph) 




Francis Hoar @Francis_Hoar


Watching Blair/Brown. The flu epidemic of 1999/2000 received about 1 minute. Yet this is what it looked like compared to an epidemic that caused this government to tear up its pandemic plan, trample on the rule of law, cause untold harm to wider public health & destroy prosperity.

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On 02/10/2021 at 23:37, Caseynotes said:

ok, I saw the whole Palmer interview previously and he was asserting wrong doing with regards a Pfizer backed lobbyist, hopefully more investigations to come then.

Here is one Kafkaesque investigation which has resulted in the Lockdown King being issued by Victorian Police with two infringements valued at $200 each for breaching the state's mask mandate on both Wednesday and Thursday this week.




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The latest @UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance report now reports that the fully vaccinated are testing positive at a higher rate than the unvaccinated for every age group from 30-39 up.  





Meanwhile in France;

A Brit travelling back to England from France on Eurostar yesterday was accosted by armed French police and left stranded in Lille because he was wearing the "wrong type of mask".






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Flu season fast approaching and a reminder that the official govt guidelines for covid treatment is basically do nothing until you can't breath then call 111 or 999 (can't have any treatments undermining the vaccines now can we).

New study of 68 countries and 2947 US counties show the vax does not reduce infection rates, in fact looks to be increasing them.


At risk? What to do?

Start on the prophylaxis protocol:

(your govt probably won't let you have access to HCQ, Quercetin or Ivermectin)




Special note on Vitamin D.



4000iu once a day tablets will suffice and can be bought on Amazon for less than £10 for 400.

Reminder that official recommended daily dosages were instigated just after WW II and were the minimum required for basic survival not the optimum for good health.


Study, Infection rates for vaccinated:


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Whenever you hear a dramatic headline about covid don't forget the Covidian cultists have been deliberately misleading people for the last 18 months.

“nearly 20% of the most critically ill COVID-19 patients are pregnant women who have not been vaccinated”.

Actually just 3 pregnant women have died on ICU since May1st , 'what the news stories don’t tell you is that the mortality rate since May among pregnant women admitted to ICU with Covid is around a tenth of that of non-pregnant women aged 16-49, 1.4% versus 14%'.

'In terms of absolute numbers, just three pregnant women have died with Covid in ICU since May, versus 127 non-pregnant women aged 16-49.'

Also, ''The % of women aged 16-49 on ICU who are pregnant was high in the summer but is falling - now at levels similar to last year.''

No, Covid is Not Unusually Deadly for Pregnant Women – The Daily Sceptic

Reminder that the PCR test cannot diagnose covid, 'with covid' does not necessarily mean with covid but actually just means with a positive PCR test. You need to wonder why they continue to use such an ambiguous test. 

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The drug companies plan to force a procedure on EVERYONE to find out if it's safe  🤔


The New York Times  @nytimes

Pfizer will fully vaccinate everyone in a Brazilian city over the age of 12 to study the safety and efficacy of their vaccine. The study will follow participants for up to one year to chart how long protection lasts against Covid-19 and the new variants.



Fynn-derella @Fynnderella1


They are FLAT OUT DECLARING that they will force a medical procedure/clinical trial on people! This is highly illegal and goes against declaration of Helsinki and Nuremberg Code. They aren’t even hiding this! @nytimes worded it as such.

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While the entire western world is being told the hospitals are overrun with unvaxxed covid patients and we must have 100% vaxxed even the CDC is having trouble twisting the data to keep up the pretence.

CDC preprint touting near term benefit of C19 vaxes in preventing C19 hospitalizations, ignores prior infection, and concedes, “We did not find any clear diff in the risk for ICU admission or in-hospital death between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons”




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A govt committee yesterday announced findings looking into govt mistakes said they should have locked down sooner haha. Dozens of research papers show lockdowns cost lives not saved them. But but it saved the NHS - no, the NHS was not under threat.

The findings cover up a huge mistake and also lay the foundations for instant lockdowns this winter. It's almost like they want to normalise constant lockdowns (good for climate change agenda and good for social control).

There can't be too many people left who don't suspect something major is going on.

These crisis's have all had assistance. Covid, climate change, supply chain, energy.

The only real crisis is the financial one where since 2007 the western world has been printing money like there's no tomorrow. History says hyperinflation will be the result.

Or a massive devaluation via a recoinage into digital currency and the inevitable mass poverty.

HumanProgress.org tells us 78% of US millionaires did not inherit their wealth but that may come to an end soon as the current Davos billionaires look to be raising the drawbridge to maintain their own elite status and keep others out.

Feudalism, communism, globalism - different name same sh*t.

The serfs will own nothing the elite's will own everything, the serfs will work to pay the rental on everything they need.

But that's a political coup, something so serious would be on the telly right!!!

First take control of the media - check.

And of course digital IDs and a social credit score system will ensure total compliance. 

So how is everyone enjoying the Great Reset?


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'Covid-19 Lockdown Cost/Benefits: A Critical Assessment
of the Literature'

''An examination of over 100 Covid-19 studies reveals that many 
relied on false assumptions that over-estimated the benefits and
under-estimated the costs of lockdown.''

''... It is possible that lockdown will go 
down as one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in modern history.''

Covid-19 Lockdown Cost/Benefits: A Critical Assessment of the Literature (tandfonline.com)


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