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The Virus and the Economy


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Lock people down and tell them they are free if vaccinated. 

Win for big pharma and lots of cash. 

Win for Governments and their digital IDs. 

Win for MSM that promotes the scheme and gets cash from both while advancing their own globalist political agenda. 

Obviously just a mad cap conspiracy theory. 


Meanwhile Dr Roger Hodkinson (Cambridge University UK, Royal College certified pathologist in Canada (FRCPC).

''You have been lied to from the start.''

Dr Roger Hodkinson destroys Covid in 4 mins. (rumble.com)


Meanwhile No-lockdown Sweden shows zero increase in seasonal morality for the last 5 years.

SWEDEN – seasonal mortality & excess deaths, flu season’s 2015/16 – 2020/21, Final



SWEDEN – seasonal mortality & excess deaths, flu season’s 2015/16 – 2020/21, Final | systems perestroika – éminence grise (wordpress.com)


Meanwhile lockdown UK sees not only an increase in excess deaths (more than expected) but also increased excess deaths at home which continue at around 800 a week (non-covid).




These deaths are caused by an inability to access NHS health care or too frightened by the covid campaign of fear to even try. 


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New video interview with Dr Robert Malone (who developed the original techniques and procedures for mRNA vaccines) discussing;

Under reporting in VAERS but other data agencies not open to the public.

The truth that covid is a disease of those with high risk factors due to age and/or comorbidities and that any new illness for this group comes with a high risk of death.

MSM censorship and promotion of the fear factor.

Big pharma and their capture of politicians with a continuous flow of money has lead to friendly heads of departments such as Dr Fauci remaining in post for decades.

The lack of adaption to variants and the use of legacy data has meant the FDA and the CDC have fallen way behind the curve.

(1 hour)




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''99.7% fully vaccinated and the highest incidence (of positive tests) in the country.

Must be that last 0.3%.

The scary thing is, people actually believe that.''  Mark Germaine @MarkGermaine






Harvard research notes:

'At the country-level, there appears to be no discernible relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.'

Harvard Research Confirms What We've Been Saying for Months - by Justin Hart - Rational Ground by Justin Hart (substack.com)




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On 05/09/2021 at 07:57, Caseynotes said:

Meanwhile Joe Rogan posted this week he was unwell and tested positive for covid. 3 days later in a vid on instagram he said he started himself on Ivermectin and was now 'feeling great'.

So CNN and IG doctored his pics making him look really unwell and CNN reported he took livestock drugs. 

Reminder, you are systematically and deliberately being lied to by msm.



Continuing the story of above and exposing the complete corruption of modern main stream media and it's promotion of fake news.

To recap, the US comedian Joe Rogan told how one Sunday he felt very unwell and tested positive for covid, he took ivermectin and anti clonal antibodies and by Wednesday felt fine.

CNN picked up the story saying Rogan took a horse de-wormer and showed a distorted colour pic.

A 5 minute google search would have revealed the history of ivermectin;

It was created in the 1980's as an anti parasitic medication that was also found to have anti viral properties and won the creators the Nobel prize and was placed on the WHO's list of 'essential' medicines, it has proved so safe it has been used as treatment and as a prophylactic by over a billion people. Further research found it also had veterinarian uses for a wide range of animals.

Back to human use and 64 studies 32 being random controlled found ivermectin to be highly affective against covid but the FDA has not given approval for it's use against covid. If it did the EUA's for the new vaccines would have to be withdrawn. This does not ban doctors from proscribing ivermectin however and many do.

CNN knew all this but watch this short vid that highlights the degree to which they pushed their fake narrative knowing full well it was fake.



Meanwhile the latest US VAERS data is out:




And Italy protests the vaccine mandates;







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If you still think the billions being spent on infrastructure is just to see off the covid endemic now might be a good time to wake up.


 Meanwhile in Taiwan,

'Well that's strange: In Taiwan, the number of people dying after their COVID-19 vaccination is exceeding the number of deaths from the virus itself.'  1nPr0p0rt10n2 @1Pr0p0rt10n2  4h

More Die After Vaccination Than From COVID-19 in Taiwan (ntd.com)


A US hospital healthcare worker explains the use of the PCR to inflate covid hospitalisations and death numbers.

(10 min)

"I've seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine." (bitchute.com)


Italian protests today.


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Latest PHE data and vaccine effectiveness continues to drop so now all but 2 age groups have a higher number of vaxxed than unvaxxed with a positive test rate.

Both groups are the young who have the lowest risk of severe illness from covid.


Covid infection in vaxxed 40-49 yr olds double the unvaxxed rate - The Conservative Woman


To continue on the ivermectin theme, months ago there was a campaign to donate the expensive vaccines to the 3rd world as the drug companies had a 'no returns policy' included in the govt contracts but it all tailed off. 

Perhaps the 3rd world didn't want the vaccines given the high adverse reactions, waning efficacy and that they had something better.

India crushed it's recent wave with govt distributed ivermectin blister packs in June, similar story in Mexico and in parts of Africa where ivermectin is used as a prophylactic for many parasitic and viral diseases covid never took off at all. (see charts)





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Who could have guessed no jab no job in care homes would lead to this?



'Bed blocking soars as care homes struggle: Forced vaccination back fires. Do we have a competent government?'   Dr Anthony Hinton @TonyHinton2016 


'Anyone who knows the NHS at all could have predicted this would happen. With no care home beds for discharge NHS becomes overwhelmed - even before winter kicks in.'   Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 


Meanwhile vaccine ADE,

'Implementing mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic may create evolutionary pressure encouraging troublesome variants to emerge. This view has been widely "debunked" in the media, but without reference to any research.'  1nPr0p0rt10n2 @1Pr0p0rt10n2  

The Greatest Failure in the History of Public Health: The Case for the Prosecution ⋆ Brownstone Institute


Then there's the vaccine's impact on our natural immune system.  

'There’s enough data to ask the following. Do these mRNA vaccines, which create more superspreaders due to immunosuppression & poor immune cell maturation worsen populations responses to respiratory viruses?'  Raphael Sirtoli @raphaels7  


'My team just crunched some numbers:

RSV 100X its summer 2019 rate

Adenovirus 8X it’s summer 2019 rate

Parainfluenza 18X


Rhino/Enterovirus 6X

Seasonal Coronavirus 15X

No one is talking about this. Our immune systems are being compromised.'  

(Building A Better Story @LightOneFire).  







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If you thought 2 shots and you're done - now might be a good time to wake up.


Israel and France prepping for dose number 4. (reminder this is in less than a year)




or how about ... 



1nPr0p0rt10n2 @1Pr0p0rt10n2  14m

Just like that, political leaders across the developed world started parroting the same weird slogans: "the great reset" and "build back better".

Just like that, countries realised that debt levels are absurd and everyone was going to need a digital ID and digital money.




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12 minutes ago, Navarone said:

LOL. That's funny. 2020 Florida Trump rally. Nope.

2018 Zurich festival. Yep. 

oh ok, sorry about that. Saw about 20 odd pics and vids go through over the weekend on the Italian protests.

How about this one?


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The drug companies have the bit between the teeth now and are going to push this for all it's worth, you are about to become a pin cushion.

''... The infectious disease market is expected to grow from $30bn (€26bn) a year today, to $250bn by 2025.''

Inside the quarantine lab where Irish company infects humans with Covid - Independent.ie


Meanwhile 'Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19.'

This drug is not only affective against the current variants but showing great potential for treating variants of the future.

''The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, as reviewed [8], possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains.''

''IVM has been safely used in 3.7 billion doses since 1987, well tolerated even at much greater than standard doses [34,35] and used without serious AEs in the three high-dose COVID-19 treatment studies noted above [34,36,37].''

Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19 - ScienceDirect


But there is no money for the drug companies in ivermectin, the patents run out years ago, so expect continued truth sabotage, anti ivermectin lobbying and fake news from msm.

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Video presentation from Dr McCullough who has been posting on covid since the start. Reveals some truly concerning information on the current situation re; covid and the vaccines.

- Looks at independent safety oversight (none).

- Treatment protocols early and late (officially there is still no early treatment)

- CDC reporting (misleading systematic asymmetrical bias)

- Delta and legacy alpha data (99% of cases are now delta)

- Major conflicts of interest.

Really horrifying that this worldwide trial with intended 100% participation has no safety oversight at all, there is no one to stop it as the data on the vaccines is increasingly disturbing.

Scientific, covers the important points of many research papers, fast paced but clear and pointed.

The most important video I've seen on covid and the vaccines, covers a lot of ground, absolutely must watch.

(1h:50min) Pub'd 24 Sept 2021.


The Covid testimony of Dr Peter McCullough – Part 1: Cancelled for telling the truth - The Conservative Woman


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Israel is the test bed for this most important phase of the experimental vaccines as the 3rd shot (1st booster) uptake gets going.

Will the result be a maintained low in new cases of will it lead to a 4th wave?

This is the same vax (Pfizer) as shots 1 and 2 that were supposed to provide immunity already but now efficacy has dropped below 30%, will more of the same make any difference?

Fauci recently talking multi-vax cocktails, this possibility was raised months ago (reported in this thread) but after testing nothing has been heard since.

A forth wave would be a disaster for these vaccines as it would seriously implicate vaccine ADE, the vaccines causing a new surge of vaccine resistant super variants infecting the large vaccinated but immunosuppressed population.

New blog piece by Geert Vanden Bossche.


What happens if Israel fails the stress test? (geertvandenbossche.org)




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As warned months ago ...

SAGE and the NHS have called on Boris Johnson to implement plan B for Covid now, including masks and vaccine passports.

But Conservative MP Steve Baker says "We are heading into a poisonous cocktail that could really damage our civilisation. This has got to stop."

“We cannot allow the liberties of the people of this country to be a tool of NHS capacity management.”


And now would obviously be a good time to sack all the unvaxxed hospital staff - you know, the ones who worked all through the covid crisis for the last 18 months and must have had covid contact and gained natural immunity.


Meanwhile in the US.


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UK Government Already Preparing For Another Lockdown.

“The member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) said the UK is about to enter “an extended peak” of infections and hospitalisations, which are in danger of pushing the NHS beyond breaking point and could force the Government to re-introduce restrictions over the school half term period at the end of next month,” reports inews.

“Boris Johnson is also believed to be prepared to re-introduce mask wearing and social distancing inside public spaces and on transport as early as this month in a move designed to stem hospital admissions and prevent the UK’s fourth lockdown,” states the report.

Covid lockdown: The Government is planning October 'firebreak' restrictions if hospital admissions stay high (inews.co.uk)

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Increased excess deaths from cardiac events in the 20s - 50s population, now evidence of increases of same in newborns.  ?💉 ? -  so just as well no one's looking for a cause 🤨


Dr Scott McLachlan


I have just had a conversation with an upset midwife in a large 8000+ births per year hospital delivery unit. They have had a cluster of babies this month who have been born seemingly healthy, but died within 48-72 hours from pulmonary haemorrhage.

While the incidence of Pulm Haem. is up to 50/1000 live births in babies who are premi or very low birthweight, the incidence in healthy term babies is as low as 1/1000... rising to 3-15/1000 in sub-saharan and areas that lack quality healthcare services

To see a cluster of as many as 8 in one month in at-term babies in a large western capital city hospital without something else going on is unexpected... and apparently disturbing for some of the clinical staff

Coincidental anecdotal observation that I am going to look into... All the mothers of this cluster of babies received covid jabs DURING gestation... I don't like coincidence.

Bear in mind too that the mortality rate is normally 50% (so normally for every 2 babies diagnosed with pulm.haem., one will die)

UPDATE: Without naming names or locations or sources - I have been able to confirm four. And also that the very last one was revived and is currently in neonatal intensive care but the prognosis is pretty dark.

Could you specify the country (ie capital), to check the relevant AE reporting system




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Before Johnson locks you all down again;


NEW @KekstCNC Covid polling in @thesundaytimes Covid attitudes have shifted. The number of people who want the government to limit the spread of the virus at all costs has fallen, while protecting the economy (even if it means more virus) has become more prominent.


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Very important 45 min podcast explains clearly vaccine ADE and how it causes not a waning immune response but an increasing deranged immune response with each new shot.

Not that there is any real safety oversight on this mass experiment but Dr Dan Stock sees the worsening data as a sign of ADE and not down to just increasingly severe variants. Showing the same signs as have been displayed in other cases of vaccine ADE seen multiple times since 1966.

Also discussed is the importance of vitamin D in reducing risk of death for all patients no matter their risk category (age, obesity, etc).


Interview with Dr. Dan Stock on Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Vitamin D (bitchute.com)





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UK’s most recent vaccine surveillance report show vaccines are adversely affecting the natural immune response.

(iii) recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.


... this likely has a great deal to do with why natural immunity IS sterilizing and stops future infection and why vaccines do not.

but if having been vaccinated later prevents you from mounting as strong an N antibody response, then it may actually be significantly reducing the effectiveness of the immunity acquired from exposure to covid, which is, BY FAR the strongest immunity currently known.

this would imply that the vaccines:

  • not only do not stop you from getting covid and may well make it more likely,

  • but also that they prevent you from getting the full benefit of the immunity you require when you GET covid.

  • if this suppression is substantial enough, it might even render your recovery acquired immunity non-sterilizing and leave you active as a carrier and spreader by preventing the immune response that seems to be generating effective sterilization and replacing it with one known not to.

  • this might make the vaccinated into durable or even perpetual carriers even if they have had disease and recovered.

original antigenic sin - by el gato malo - bad cattitude (substack.com)

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Rapidly deteriorating effectiveness of the vaccines that are also causing a reduction in natural immune system antibodies, double of the rate of infection of the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed in the 40 - 60 age group and the spread of super variants.

This is exactly what vaccine ADE looks like. (see Dr Dan Stock video posted above)

Now Germany adds the the UK's data observing increases in cardio and neurological ER visits.

German RKI (CDC)
The emergency room situation report contains data from a selection of German ER & shows the current use of the ED:

Respiratory, Cardiovas. & Neurological ER visits 2019 - 2021:

SitRep_de_2021-10-20.pdf (rki.de)



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Indications of vaccine ADE, vaccine becomes ineffectual, constant need for boosters, created super variants escape, decrease in vaxxed natural immunity creating a dependency on boosters and new vaccines (vicious cycle).

To stop vaccine ADE you need to immediately stop the vaccination programme (as has needed to be done in the past).

So what's the FDA going to do? 

Start a vax 'mix and match' booster programme 👍.

No testing, nothing - you're it.



'The FDA has now announced a "mix and match" formula for the booster shots that everyone has been told are necessary just months after the original serum was released. Dr. Jane Ruby says this is a DANGEROUS precedent that will create confusion, chaos and death.'


FDA Announces "Mix & Match" Boosters: DEATH COCKTAIL For Masses! (rumble.com)


(Published October 22, 2021)  12 min


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