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The Virus and the Economy

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On 20/12/2021 at 18:39, Provaton said:

Sobering read from a medic on the front line treating Covid patients.

One of many who are day-in, day-out having to deal with the consequences of this conspiracy theory cra*p, i.e. the vast majority of posts on this thread:


So, how are your thoughts now, front liner?? lol.....

If I even need to add anything else, then you're still dumb..

Dr Fauci, Experimental vax
Gain Of Function
Millions of Dollars in Funding.
Chronic Side Effects and Death, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Blood clots and Strokes.  
Civil Action Law suits around the world.
Astra Zeneca Banned.
Global Investigations happening as we speak.
Discussion in our very own British Parliament.

I don't even need to go on....

Office of National Statisitics.  Assuming you trust them? 17k people died in 18 months following March 2020 of Covid Alone with no underlying symptoms.  Flu Rates, Diabetes, Cancer were higher Individually.

You want proof?  Get your head out of the sand and off here.

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