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Dividend from Lloyds Shares

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Hi, I hold 3000 shares of lloyds and a dividend payment was received.

I wanted to understand how is the amount calculated. 

Shares: 3000

Dividend Announced: 0.57p per share.

Would it be 3000 x 0.57 ? Or there is another way to calculate the final amount.



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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the reply. Its opening my mind into shares.

I am fairly new investing in Shares,  Hence it was not clear why did i receive £17.10?

So just to understand it right, its not 57 pence per share ? how did you get the figure of 0.0057 ?



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Guest Paul

57p per share dividend would clearly be more than the actual share price of 50p per share !. That would be a great dividend. 

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Hi Paul,

Yes, you had your decimal point in the wrong place - it's 0.57p dividend per share not 57p. I got that info from my trading software. But you can also get it directly from the Lloyds website. Just search for 'Lloyds Bank Investors' and select 'Dividends' from the 'Shareholder Information' drop-down menu.


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