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"All Session stocks" huge spread at daily opening


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Hi guys, as you all know IG does out of hour trading on some US stocks. When it open at 9am UK time the spread of these instruments are huge. This morning I saw the spread of Zoom videos was 20%, meaning the sell and buy price was 10% away from the mid price. This is very scary. I could have gone into margin call simply because of the insane spread. Any suggestions? 

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That is normal because there is no volume in the market. You need to account for it when you buy a position on margin. Never go all in and always have plenty of margin available.

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Aren't IG themselves the market-maker during these out-of-hours times, though? Should you be expected to account for the possibility that IG could drop their own bid price to zero, or double the offer price, causing massive margin calls and forcing lots of close-outs, probably at significant losses?

What is actually a reasonable out-of-hours spread and how could you account for it in advance of trading? In fact there is a valid argument to say that the margin on these instruments should be based only on their prices during actual trading on exchanges and on the last closing price thereafter or perhaps  the after-hours mid-price.

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    • Interesting!  great chart.
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