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PRT - IG Platform price differences and no margin or account balance shown in PRT



I phoned IG in the week about price differences between the web platform and PRT. At the time it was concerning CLSD, where there was a significant difference between PRT and the web platform. In the web platform itself there was also a difference between the P/L in the positions window which was the same as at the top of the platform but different to the account status drop down from the top right.

Anyways, this happened again yesterday on the FTSE, NKE, SNAP, so I phoned again, I was told to email in screenshots.
So I never got around to it yesterday, but thought I would today. I am currently using my demo account on the weekend to take a look and it appears to be the same today with the FTSE (Weekend UK 100). Screenshot attached. As you can see the PRT Sell is 7143.1 and Buy of 7151.1 with an exit (P/L) of £4, but in the platform window it is a Sell of 7143.4 and Buy of 7151.4 resulting in a exit (P/L) of 7.70 ( a £3 difference). These differences were much more significant in the week on the live market with various tickers.
So i excuted some multiple buys from the platform and from PRT, and in the PRT it purchased them at 7151.1 but when buying from IG platform it bought them at 7151.4 - the resulting exit (P/L) difference was £20.30 in PRT and £38.80 in IG - this is really quite signifianct and can be a huge difference as it was in the week.
I was told on the phone in the week with CLSD to not worry about it as any BUY/Sell or exit will go through as whatever the market price is live at the time, but that is not the case - as I tested today on the weekend 100 as it stays the same most of the weekend. So I sold in PRT and lost £20.30, recreated the positions at same prices (as Weekend FTSE stays stagnant) and sold in IG platform and lost £38.80.
Finally, why does margin requirement not show in PRT foir a given trade as it does in IG platform, it does in PRT if you get it direct, but not the IG version.



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