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IG ISA - is there an equivalent of a stop?


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5 hours ago, kevm said:

I'm wondering if there is an equivalent of a stop in the IG ISA or share dealing platform. Obviously there is in the spread betting but I can't see it in the ISA?

Hi @kevm,

On the dealing ticket in a non-leveraged account ( Share trading- ISA) you will see order type:
From there you have different options with a description.

I hope that it helps

All the best  - Arvin

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Thanks Arvin, I think the difficulty was I was trying to sell X amount of a particular holding in £'s ie a partial sell and only the limit option was available.

Interestingly, if I do the same with "amount of shares", the stop option is there.

So it looks as though I can put a stop in for a partial amount of shares ie not the whole holdings but only if you select "amount of shares" and not "ammount in £/$"

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