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Alerts going missing?


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On 04/08/2021 at 06:02, MFetts said:

Anyone know why Alerts disappear (without their conditions being met)?

Do they have an expiry?


12 hours ago, Maxter said:

I have the same issue, never been resolved.. especially on mobile app


10 hours ago, Thinker said:

I have had a problem with my alerts not popping ul recently when they have been "activated" . I get an email, but not the usual pop up in the trading platform. I use the old Platform

Hi all,

Could you please check in My IG > Settings > Prices & dealing alerts:

You can check if the alerts are correctly set up on that screen. If you have set up your alerts on a mobile app you might need to setup the alerts on the web platform as they won't carry over.  We are working on syncing both alerts across.

All the best - Arvin

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3 hours ago, forexfactory said:

Is the a alert with a sound function?

Hi @forexfactory, yes there is a sound function for alerts. When you login on your My IG trading platform, select settings, under platform settings you will see alert sound effect, you can switch it on there. Please kindly see below highlighted in yellow.



All the best - MongiIG

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