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Shortcut keys for ProRealTime

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Hi Guys,


A great enhancement to PRT would be the addition of shortcut keys for most objects - like drawing lines/segments, select copy/move/delete mode, line by percentage, etc, etc - like most drawing tools. Would be a great time saver wile doing your analysis.


Any plans to do this?




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Oh, and to be able to change colour quickly - like using the number keys 1 - 6 for different preset/customizable colours.


So, the idea would be something along these lines (example to draw different coloured lines, quickly)...


- Hit Ctrl+L for line

- Hit number 1 - 6 to select a colour (or use last used if not done)

- draw your line

- hit number 1 - 6 to select a different colour

- draw a line in a different colour

  ...or hit a different combination to select a different object, like a segment or somehing else.






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Hi Stef,


Thanks for sharing your idea!


The ProRealTime platform has a number of shortcuts for which I have found this list of them that are available for version 10.2




In terms of having a shortcut facility for the drawing tools there is nothing currently in place for that and so with that in mind I have passed on the suggestion you have made to the ProRealTime team.


Thanks again for the idea!




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