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Hi @PriorCleeve

Thank you for the question

Please note that All Active Asset Capital has delisted.  As you hold the shares in a Share Dealing account they will remain on your account up to a point when they are either deemed worthless or a shareholder settlement is received by our broker. The shares cannot be removed until this is replicated from our broker and we match their bookings accordingly. I hope this helps



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Thank you for your reply.

The shares can be traded through Oberon Investments apparently. I asked them how this could be done and they replied:

"IG are yet to get in contact with us regarding the AAA OTC ‘match bargain facility’; on or around the 13th of September, we envision the commencement of trading.  I would advise you contact IG and encourage them to open an account with Oberon to enable you to deal."

Could you tell me if this something IG can do?

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